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Incarnate Grace

In her collection Incarnate Grace, Moira Linehan explores, questions and ultimately celebrates her attempt to live in the temple of the present after learning she has breast cancer.

If No Moon

The collection “contains profound meditations on loss, on the rituals of mourning the beloved, and on the poet’s difficult pilgrimage from ‘grief’s labyrinth’ to an eventual willingness to embrace life again.”
–Maurya Simon

Recently published/forthcoming poems:

"Mr. and Mrs. I.N. Phelps Stokes," Tampa Review, 55/56, 2018.

"No Rain Allowed," "Storm Line," and "Let Me Come Back in September," Crab Orchard Review, Vol. 22, 2018.

"Against Pilgrimage," Boston College Magazine, Vol. 79, No. 4, Fall 2018.

"Shawl," Crab Creek Review, 2018, Vol. 1.

"Before Mary Cassatt and Berthe Morisot," Valparaiso Poetry Review, Fall/Winter 2017-2018, Vol. XIX, No. 1.

"Paxton's Seamstress Addresses the Poet," AGNI, 88, Fall 2018.

"Black Taxi Tour, Belfast 2016" and "In the Moment Before," Innisfree Poetry Journal 27, Fall 2018.

"How Much Distance," The Georgia Review, Summer 2018.

"Portrait of the Pent Up," Notre Dame Review, 47, Winter/Spring 2019.

"What You Don't Want to See" and "Young Woman Knitting," Calyx.


"Six Degrees of Separation from Kuniyoshi," Salamander, Fall/Winter 2019-2020.


 "Across the Room" and "Rehearsal in the Studio," The Worcester Review, Vol. XL,

Nos. 1&2, 2019.


"Following Walt Whitman" and "The Open Heart of Democracy," Christianity and Literature.


"The Late," Valparaise Poetry Review, Fall/Winter 2019-2020, Vol. XXI, No. 1.


"Arrangement in Grey and Black, No. 1," Poet Lore.